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Women's sports rashguards

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What is a women's rashguard?

A rashguard is a type of sportswear designed as a tight-fitting or loose-fitting shirt with long or short sleeves. Rashguards are most commonly made from materials such as spandex, polyester, nylon, or other types of fabrics known for their good compression properties. Compression clothing, due to its pressure, supports blood vessels and enables them to withstand heavy loads.

Rashguards were initially used by Australian surfers to protect their bodies from scratches, board-related injuries, irritation from sea water, and to retain warmth.

Based on its name (rash), a rashguard is intended to safeguard an athlete's skin. Practically every sport involves close contact with sports equipment or partners, which results in various bacteria and microorganisms coming into contact with the body, potentially causing breakouts and allergic reactions. This is especially significant considering that high physical exertion raises body temperature, intensifies blood circulation, and thereby increases the body's susceptibility to external factors. The goal of specialized clothing is to provide maximum protection to the skin from damage.

Women's models differ from men's designs and are developed considering anatomical features. Women's rashguards account for chest volume, which varies individually, resulting in products tailored for different body shapes. Some women's rashguards have built-in cups to eliminate the need for a sports bra.

Rashguards come in several styles

  • With long sleeves – for running, cycling, outdoor workouts in cool weather, and contact sports.
  • With short sleeves – for weightlifting, combat sports (working with equipment), crossfit, outdoor sports in hot weather.
  • Rashguard tops – for fitness, aerobics, and other active activities not involving significant muscle strain.

Who needs a rashguard?

Rashguards can be used in various sports; their primary function is protection. Rashguards are particularly useful in contact sports such as combat sports, but given all the advantages of this type of sportswear, they are also used in football, hockey, running, cycling, and even often worn by athletes in gyms, fitness, and aerobics classes.

How to properly wear a rashguard?

A snug-fitting rashguard allows you to feel maximally comfortable, as if you're not wearing any clothing at all, while ensuring your body is well protected.

When choosing a rashguard with long sleeves, ensure that the sleeve length doesn't extend beyond the wrists, as it might hinder exercise performance. For models with short sleeves, the sleeve length should fully cover the deltoid muscles. As for rashguard tops, their length can end about 5 centimeters below the chest to ensure optimal freedom of movement.

How should a rashguard fit on the body?

A properly sized rashguard should fit the body: not too tight, but also not too loose. If it's too tight, it could cause discomfort and even harm your health, as muscles and blood vessels might be constricted. On the other hand, a rashguard that is too loose won't exhibit its compression properties.

Why wear a t-shirt over a rashguard?

The main reason for wearing a t-shirt over a rashguard is to quickly warm up the muscles and prevent them from cooling down. In other cases, this approach might be used to conceal any figure imperfections. A rashguard can also be used as thermal underwear, worn under clothing, for example, during a run in colder weather.

Advantages of rashguards over regular t-shirts

First and foremost, rashguards stand out for their durability. They are highly resistant to wear and tear; you might "wear out" a dozen t-shirts before a rashguard. The elastic and lightweight fabric that clings to the body like a second skin feels much more comfortable than a regular t-shirt.

During workouts, muscles warm up much faster, and during breaks, they don't have time to cool down.

How to choose a women's rashguard?

To properly select a rashguard, you should familiarise yourself with the manufacturer's size chart and, following the instructions, take measurements.

What materials are women's fitness rashguards made from by Nova Vega?

When creating rashguards, Nova Vega uses Bi-Flex material. This fabric is exceptionally elastic; it stretches well in any direction, doesn't restrict movement, and allows for free motion. Bi-Flex retains its brightness even under ultraviolet exposure and endures numerous washes, preserving its initial qualities and aesthetics. The fabric hugs the body like a second skin, doesn't wrinkle at folds. It also effectively wicks away moisture. The fabric is soft to the touch and pleasant to feel.

Despite its numerous advantages, there are also drawbacks, such as static electricity buildup and the appearance of creases on items that have been folded for a long time. However, on the body, the clothing stretches again, and these imperfections disappear. The issue can also be solved with a steam iron.

A rashguard is versatile sportswear with high protection levels during workouts. It can be used in a variety of sports and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor training.

Nova Vega offers a wide range of quality rashguards, and experienced consultants can assist you with any inquiries, help you choose the right model and size, and find convenient payment and delivery options.